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About Chef Life Radio Crew

Let's stand together for something bigger than ourselves - a culinary culture that is empowering, inclusive, equitable, and frickin' enjoyable! All it's going to take is for us to stand for each other, all of us in service to a common vision of how great this industry could be.

Become a member of the Chef LIfe Radio Crew and let's find out together what's possible, without any limitations - after all, together anything is possible, even authentically enjoying our careers.
We at Chef Life Radio believe that:
"Working in a kitchen should be demanding, it shouldn’t have to be demeaning.
It should be hard, just doesn’t have to be harsh.
We believe that it’s possible to have more solidarity and less ‘suck it up sunshine’.
More Compassion and less Cut Throat Island.
We believe in more partnership and less ‘put up or shut up’.
More family and less fuck you".
Oui Chef?

Your humble host & guide,

Adam M Lamb
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